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Jan 8

3D Illustration

The world without 3D illustrations is difficult to imagine. In fact, the three dimensional illustrations refer to three major aspects, the life, the enigma and the real entity of the world we live in. Our imagination couldn’t have been explored to its full potential if only 2d images were available. The 2d world refers to only X and Y planes. Whereas, 3d illustration gives a more detailed and clear viewing aspects by perceiving the images in three planes X, Y and Z. Perhaps, this is one of the most important reasons why 3d illustrations are more popular and trending when it comes to eye-catching visual presentation.

3D illustration is achieved by various medium and techniques, which includes software and graphic programming. This graphics and software programming are used to render real life visual images that are displayed in television and also in print media. The 3d image is way more advanced and ahead as compare to 2D. As a matter of fact, 2d image can never match the 3d presentation as it makes the image close to reality and the viewer will actually consider the image close to the real identity. 3D images and visuals, as well as 3d animations are much popular trend these days, especially in video game, animation and film making industries. Especially in gaming industry where the objects used in the game represent themselves as the real entities and the player get enthusiastic with the real life environment created on the screen of a television or a computer. However, gaming and movies is just not he limitation of 3d illustration, it is also used on extensively in engineering, architectural, medical and product designing industries. Solutions via 3D illustration have also observed a tremendous growth in these industries in recent years.

On the other hand, 3d illustrations have also become the part of virtual reality which includes flight simulator to train the pilots or air craft engineers. The stereoscopic images generated by computer have also proved to be very useful for detecting internal disorder in a human body. This allows the surgeons and the doctors to perform the proper diagnosis and to provide the appropriate treatment to the patients who are suffering from complex diseases.

Dec 5

A Professional 3D Animation Studio for Your Marketing Campaign

Businesses are always on a constant lookout for great and innovative ideas which allows them to increase their sales ratio, as well as the customer base. Marketing campaign has always been one of the most preferred techniques to achieve this. A good marketing campaign allows the businesses to create the branding and the awareness of the company in the market. It proves to be the effective way to drive the customers towards the company.

This happens especially in the case if you are representing a great company which is on the edge of taking its sales capabilities to a higher level. You may want to use every marketing strategy to ensure that you are really pushing your level best to spread the message to the market. Television commercials, digital signage solutions and internet has always been the effective way, however if you really want to take your marketing efforts to a whole new level then 3D animation services could be the optimal solution for you. As a matter of fact, whenever you and your team is planning out for a new product launch or a sales strategy for advertising via 3D animation, you can be rest assure for some of the best appealing, captivating and effective marketing campaign that can drive mass number of audience towards your company.

However to make it an effective campaign it is equally important to have a professional 3D animation studio as your channelled partner. Ensure to seek for a professional who company which has years of experience and deep knowledge on various computer graphics animation software. A professional company may also allow you to go through the portfolio of their work, which will give you the clear idea about their capabilities and knowledge. Such a company has all the required creative and innovative skillset in place that is essential to give spotlight to your marketing campaign, especially to the product and / or services that you want to highlight. Whether you are opting for an internet website integrating 3D animation or a TV commercial, digital signage solution or a mobile app, possibly even more complex with an animation movie or a video game, a professional studio will ensure to deliver you the premium quality services along with the results that you are seeking. A good animation is capable to capture the attention of mass audiences, and a professional 3D animation studio will offer you the perfect solution encompassing this.

A professional CGI animation company will help you to create the most appealing branding for your organization, company and / or product. Some of the major advantages of a professional 3D animation studio are:

  • Equipped with years of experience that allows them to understand your marketing campaign logic.
  • Successful execution of numerous projects, relevant to different industries and fields.
  • Implements the most cutting edge technologies.
  • Boasted with a team of professional CG artists from around the world.
  • Delivers a perfect solution that conveys the exact message that you want to convey to your audience.