May 9

3D Animation Studio – Bringing Virtual World into Reality

Nowadays, computer generated animation have increased its boundaries to become so far advanced and rich that for an individual it becomes difficult to differentiate between the reality and virtual world. Inevitable to say that that most of the 3d animation studio are providing such a rich service by integrating 3d animated effects and characters over a live action footage, enhancing either what is already in or creating a whole new level of scene including fantastic landscape with breath-taking details.

On the other hand the demand of solutions via 3d animation services has seen a lot of transformation in past decades. Accommodating this ever increasing demand, the number of 3d animation studios around the world has also increased drastically, putting a stakeholder in jeopardy that which studio will provide him the best services and solutions. Fortunately, most of the studios have the expertise in a very specific domain, technology and 3d animation software applications. Some may have the expertise on software applications such as Blender and other may be on Maya, 3DS Max, and some may have the expertise on all. Similarly, the expertise in domains relates to their expertise in providing solutions for TV commercials, Digital Signage, Automobile industry, interior designing, construction designing, medical representation, cartoon, branding, video game industry, and so on. Hence, a stakeholder has its options available while opting for 3-d animation services.

There are some 3d animation studios as well who are not interested in providing commercial services, and are focused in producing their own film with their own design. To achieve this they must find investors or make the arrangements of investment to fund their project, till the time they are strong enough to produce their projects on their own without the need of funding. On the other hand, most the animation studios opens for commercial production purposes. For this, the first step that they require is to achieve a large base of clients by sending news of their abilities to as many customers as possible. But, whether a studio is built for commercial or project purposes, they will have a tendency to follow a very similar 3D ‘pipeline’, or production process.

Considering every piece of a 3D animation must be built from the ground up, it is seldom possible for a single individual to produce on his or her own. Consequently, studios often find that compartmentalizing the process across several employees or divisions makes the most sense, with each one assigned to a specific step in the 3D animation pipeline. While one person is working on concept sketches, another employee can be finalizing details in the script and storyboards. Once the 3D modelers, texture artists, and rigging artists have taken their turns, the post production specialists can add the lighting, camera movements, and environmental effects, finalizing everything enough to send the production out for its final render.

Once a 3D animation studio begins to grow larger, and the needs become greater, it often becomes beneficial to encompass more aspects of production in-house. Where a regular studio might send their project files to a ‘render farm’ to export the film in a polished format, a large studio may find it easier to set up their own facility. Or if the animation studio finds itself using footage of real actors as references quite often, they might look into building a motion capture studio.

Over the past two decades, an increasing number of locations in the world have introduced incentive programs for those interested in opening up studios, offering tax cuts or partial financial support, in the hopes of boosting their visibility on a global scale. Having a booming entertainment industry in the area increases tourism as well as general revenue, not to mention community pride. The creation of 3D animation has truly taken the perception of the field from a youth entertainment medium to a sophisticated, complex process with virtually limitless prospects. And, as technology continues to evolve, so will 3D animation studios, bringing us into a whole new era of colorful virtual clarity.

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