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Dec 4

Do Outlines in Cinema 4D

4d cinemaOne of the major 3D computer applications used in movie, television, and video game production is Cinema 4D. It is an amazing software that bundles up all tools an animator or 3D artist needs into a single application. To be more specific, Cinema 4D has a collection of render-settings and options for creating the rendered frames or stills. If you come across a project where you need to create rendered images of 3D models as outlines, then it can be achieved fairly quickly using this software application. Here’s how you can render images of 3D models as outlines rather than filled in objects with Cinema 4D.


  1. Open the program and load the model you have created from the “File” menu.
  2. Use the camera controls to adjust the camera view, as you want it.
  3. From the “Object” panel on the upper right, select the object. Then go to the menu at the top and click “Render Settings” option. A dialog will open. In that dialog, click on the “Effects” tab.
  4. Click “Post Effect” drop-down menu on the upper right and select “Cell Renderer”. You will then see the effect added to the “Effect List”. Click on it to view its options.
  5. From “Basic Properties” click the check boxes “On” for “Outline” and “Edges”. Be sure to have “Color” checked “Off”.
  6. Click “Output” tab and select the size, resolution, and format that you desire for the image. Then click on the “Save” tab, and name file and the location where you want to save it. Now close the “Render Settings”.
  7. Finally, click on the “Render” icon at the top. Your outline image will be rendered and saved.